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The Set Up

So here we are the first official post of the new blog. I’ve been mulling this new blog over in my head for several months now. I didn’t want to do it because I love to cook and I didn’t want that love to be lessened by it suddenly feeling like a job. So I figured out a way to turn this into something fun and enjoyable. I would simply combine or fuse my two passions; cooking and history. How am I going to do that? I am so glad you asked!! You see it’s like this….

    I come from the North East United States; upstate New York to be exact. Now even though I was raised in the country the life style is still one of no rest and constant work even if it isn’t productive work. I am also of German/Irish heritage which gives me a very strong work ethic and a mindset that if I’m not working than I am not being productive and am lazy! Now don’t get me wrong a strong work ethic is a wonderful thing to have and I believe that it is something this nation is sorely lacking in this day and age. The thing is there must always be a balance. This is something I never had. Work was my life. I dare say it was even my God. I did not feel useful or even like a man if I was not working. On my days off I’d go to work and hang out!! How sad is that!! Another major part of the North East culture is a lack of Christ in people’s lives. There are more Agnostics and Atheists per square mile than anywhere I know. Not many role models for a young man seeking to follow after Christ. This is the way my life was until 2007.

    In 2007 my life began to change drastically. I was working about 42-45 hours a week at a bank. Then my position was cut to part time! 23 – 24 hours a week. Now the place I was living was basically an efficiency apartment. I could still survive but that’s about it. I began to search for other work to no avail. ‘God, what’s going on?’ became my continual prayer. I soon began to be led to a move to South Carolina. WOW! What a change. About the beginning of June before I had decided anything the building I was living in got condemned. I had to move out. Trust me, even in the country you cannot find an apartment on 24 hours a week!

    So, let’s fast forward to July 1st 2007. I am officially moved to South Carolina after a 24 hour bus ride from hell where anything that could go wrong did go wrong! I get here and my paycheck hasn’t cleared the account yet so I only have about $100 to my name. I go in for the interview at the bank who told me while I was in NY that I had the job and they tell me they gave it to someone else. Umm, WHAT?!?! Actually, I do believe that some other words flew out of my mouth. I had to repent for that foul language but still believe that God understood why I said them. LOL. So here I am with $100 and no job. OH MY GOD!!

    Fast forward again to 2012. A lot happened in the past 5 years some of which I will cover in future blogs. For now it’s enough to say that God has taught me a great deal in the times of unemployment. Mainly that my identity is in Him not in my job or my work. What I do for a living should be a direct result of my relationship with Jesus not vice versa. Part of that learning had to do with the culture I encountered here in South Carolina. A more laid back and conservative culture. It’s a culture more in tune with God and more able to enjoy times of rest. Something I desperately needed to learn. Mind you now that I’m not saying Southern culture is one of lazy people. They simply understand better that there must be a balance to life and that problems come and problems go. The only thing you can do is deal with them when they come and rejoice when they go.

    Anyway, this is how I came to be where I am. Tomorrow we will start with some interesting times I have had since being here and more on the learning process and how I used cooking and fusing foods as part of my workaholic recovery! Until then …



One thought on “The Set Up

  1. So glad you ended up in SC! Great post!! ❤

    Posted by mrsknack | June 2, 2012, 3:18 am

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